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Need Distribution?

We are the #1 service provider for all your marketing and promotion needs!

Our packages include unlimited digital distribution to all major digital retailers and access to marketing services for your artist, production or indie label

While getting your music to all the available places where people go to find it is important, even more important is getting them to find what to look for.  Radio spins, playlists, in-store plays, video placements, sync licensing - the list goes on.

Like a professional sports league, the music industry has a limited amount of spots per day, month, year, event to even make your brand available to the public.  We give independents major opportunities when it come to getting you heard and played in front of the same listeners the same way that they come in contact with new music by the popular artists.

Every now and then someone will hit the "powerball" or "mega millions jackpot" when it comes to going viral or getting heavy rotation due to a song that catches fire with the right people at the right time.  But reality brings you back to realize that if you don't continue putting yourself in the right light, chances are no one will recognize what you're even doing.

HLT entertainment Group has networked and partnered over ther years with individuals, companies & entities that have major accomplishments with and without working with the majors - from being able to make calls and contact label execs (both major & indie), filmmakers, top engineers and producers, marketing directors formerly with majors, publishing adminstrators & collectors, DJ's across the US spinning on major radio stations for yerars - doing national shows and events-affiliated with the major clubs, venues and retailers.  Our marketing originates from street promotion and urban projects so we keep our ears and nost to the streets.

As you make decisions moving forward in your endeavors of becoming a major artist or brand you want to ask yourself "Am I investing in the right places with the right people?"  Have I created a track record that serves as a resume to those that are licensing and placing independent artists on major events and giving opportunities that will put me in line for financial gain?  Have I invested in various things and still have only made little or no real progress with my career financially?  

If your answer is yes to any of these questions is "yes" then you've come to the right place!  Feel free to join us by subscribing to any of our membership levels and open yourself up to not only another but the new wall to connect your to the pathway that works to you.

So once you sign up, contact one of our team members that are closest to or in your current region and we'll open you up to the platforms that you've been desiring to be a part of!

Our services will attract new customers to your brand & push traffic to your website or blog. By targeting real people of your choice or location, using hashtags and keywords we target people who are legitimately interested in what you have to offer...


A La Carte Services

  • Twitter


  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Magazine Placement


  • Mixtape Placement


  • Blog Placement


  • DJ ConferenceCall

(20 or more DJ’S From Via States on one call includes 2 weeks of Flyer & Mp3 promo before conference)


  • Radio

(FM, Colleges, Streaming will be going for Adds & Charted/Playlist)


  • Video Placement

( Top 10 Indie video countdown on video channel site)

  • Digital Billboard Placement

⦁Professional Photography ( includes 2 looks & over 200 images)


⦁Text Marketing



⦁Major Campaigns

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