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A REAL Reel by HLT Films

Are you currently a recording artist, actor, model, photographer, videoographer, director, etc?  We are currently looking for young aspiring individuals to sign on for an opportunity of a lifetime!  


We are currently seeking male and female actors between the ages of 18 - 40 to audition for the movie of 2022 and beyond!  Featuring original music from independent artist only!  This film will be distrubuted on major platforms worldwide!  If  you are looking for an opportunity to display your craft please fill out and submit the form below and get in line for a life changing experience!


We are looking for interns, crew members (grips, lighting, etc) investors, sponsors, donations - you name it.  This is a 100% independent project that will have leave a long-lasting impression on the world as we know it...especially the music and entertainment world.  


Please do not hesitate to contact us to get involved.  Stay informed about any changes and/or updates by filling out the form below.  In the message field please list your area of expertise.  The fastest and easiest way to stay informed is to subscribe to our site!

Are you a hot artist and need more exposure?  Have a limited marketing and promotion budget and need a team behind your product?  If this describes you then here's your opportunity to get your foot in the door by getting on one of the two following mixtape projects - Too Hot For The Summer & ITUK Vol.1!  Both are fully distributed projects placed in all digital retail outlets worldwide including exclusive distribution in Korea! (Korea has an entire distribution system that is not included with most distributors).  Here's your opportunity to be placed with our national DJ affiliations, several street teams throughout the US and as a bonus - all artist submissions whether selected for the first two mixtapes or not receive a free entry level distribution deal from HLT Entertainment Group valued at $500/year!  This enables you to distribute unlimited music through Dec 31, 2021 absolutely free!!! (must sign up for or have a current platinum membership or above). Mixtape submissions are $25/track (all prices are subject to change without notice) and there are a limited amount of slots on each one. Promotion is included for each release at no additional cost to selected artists.  Artist may submit multiple times - 1 track per submission for the current fee.  We also offer many other promotional services including street promotion of your project, fm , xm, college, independent & online radio, sync licensing for films, tv, spotify playlists etc.  Video promotions and submissions to the major video networks and organic views of your youtube videos...and meetings with a/r's, label execs along with a host of other services.  If interested do not hesitate to inquire by contacting one of our team members.  Good luck with your submission and your music career and thanks for contacting HLT!

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