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Current Projects

Current projects that we are either launching or are affiliated with the company that is

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

I Thought U Knew
independent film based on real events in the 90's

Have you ever had aspirations to be involved in a movie project?  Well, here's your opportunity!  For more info click this linkl:

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Project Management

Have a project that you are ready to take to the next level?  We have professionals from the music industry that assist you with taking your craft and brand to the public in a professional matter with profit as a music business the main objective.

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Music Production

We not only keep the latest music production gear on deck but we also broker it!  If you're looking for that special setup for your home or business studio or are looking for production in general we are your one source!  We assist with projects such as video, audio and live production along with studio sessions available for in-house clients only.  Click below for more info.

Phunk Zone Live

Live Streaming

Location: Ceez's Palace, Virginia Beach

subscribe & register to join the stream!

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